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Pepe’s Bistro & Social Club

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We eat and drink for good health and a beautiful life!

Pepe’s is a lifestyle restaurant in Tartu, where you can forget yourself in the midst of food and drink for the whole day.

We offer bistro-style world cuisine, comfort/soul food, where new and old, domestic and foreign combine. Honest flavours with careful precision. We describe our food as: “Everything I would reward myself with on a daily basis.”

All this is supported by a bar designed with extreme care, where wine, light drinks and cocktails create the perfect blend. The wine selection is not a wine list that stretches into infinity, but one that is short, professional and offers new experiences. The bar focuses on simplicity and creating a good mood, where the taste and quality of the alcohol itself come first.

“Everything that I would reward myself with every day!”

Joel Ostrat, TV and top chef


Our bar focuses on simplicity and creating a good mood!

Cocktail menu


A timeless classic


Relieves stress

Long drink

All day, every day


A small and informal restaurant or a bar

Social Club

A place with a bar and entertainment where guests can talk to each other

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Ülikooli 7, Tartu

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