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“Seven & Sons is a group of mellow friends with a sincere desire to make people happier”

We know that only shared joy is the real joy, and that is why we have made it our mission to create places in the world where everyone can have a good time. Seven & Sons Hospitality Group offers a daily restaurant and a bar experience, but more importantly, we provide a catering service that unites us all. Caribbean cocktails mixed with world cuisine – the world is your oyster.

The keywords of our environments are cosiness, an open atmosphere and cordial service. We always greet our guests with sincere warmth and hospitality and do our best to make them feel welcome in our company. When leaving, everyone is even happier than when they arrived.

Our spirit animal is a powerful tiger, which symbolises the high quality of service, and its relaxed appearance again represents an inspiring and mellow attitude to life.

Our restaurants, bars and catering

"Let's do it well or not at all!"

Mikk Valtna, barman ja footballer

Our team

Seven & Sons is a group of mellow friends with a sincere desire to make people happier. Nice to meet you!

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“We offer an unforgettable experience through flavours and entertainment”

Karl Astok – waiter and fan of Manchester United

Kolm Tilli

Kolm Tilli is a restaurant inspired by the street kitchens of the world located in Aparaaditehas in Tartu. The underlying concept of street cuisine is the preparation of street food – an open kitchen is the heart of the place, next to which there is a separate corner for pizza making and for baked goods, and all this is supported by a cocktail bar following world trends and classics. Visitors can watch their food and drink being prepared from the first moment of preparation to a delicious meal.

Väike Kuuba Tartu

Open-air bar at the heart of Tartu on the Emajõgi river promenade! Väike Kuuba is a legendary open-air bar in Tartu, which has been located on the Emajõgi riviera since 2015. The bar, which has won the hearts of locals and visitors since its first summer, is focused on making the best Mojitos in the northern hemisphere and maintaining the social life in the heart of Tartu. It is said that if you see it anywhere, then at Väike Kuuba you may spot the legendary Tartu Spirit in the late evenings.

“Joy comes through sharing!”

Lauri Kepler, Marketing Guru

Catering like a tiger

Seven & Sons offers street and soul food as well as cocktail catering inspired by the tiger’s lifestyle – the quality of service is high and without limits.

You can invite over our dearly beloved pizza chefs from Kolm Tilli and enjoy the famous Mojitos from Väike Kuuba, by ordering our catering for your own private or company event. Or perhaps you want to order Mediterranean-inspired blue mussels from Pepe’s and tropical and fresh cocktails from Riki Tiki. The choice is yours.

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